Episode 33 : Verb to be in Thai langauge part 4

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This is part 4 of a 4 part series on Verb to be in Thai language. This episode we are talking about  อยู่/ yòo means to be situated.

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Verb to be number 4 :อยู่/ yòo

อยู่  yòo means to live (at), to be situated at, to be located


  • อยู่ไหน/  yòo năi ?

อยู่/ yòo / to be situated at
ไหน/ năi / where

where are (you) ?

  • อยู่บ้าน/  yòo bâan

อยู่/  yòo/  to be situated at
บ้าน/  bâan/ house, home

(I) am (at ) home

  • อยู่กับใคร/ yòo gàp krai ?

อยู่/ yòo/ to be situated at
กับ/  gàp/ with
ใคร/ krai / who

Who are (you) with ?

  • อยู่คนเดียว/ yòo kon dieow

อยู่/ yòo/ to be situated at
คนเดียว/ kon dieow/ oneself

(I) am (by) myself

  • ไม่เชื่อ/ mâi chêua

ไม่/ mâi/  no, not
เชื่อ/ chêua/ believe

(I do) not believe (you)

  • ตามใจ/  dtaam jai

ตาม/ dtaam/  to follow
ใจ/   jai /  heart

Up to you

Learn more about ตามใจ/  dtaam jai by click here and fast forward to track to 5:52 mins.

 If you read the post this far, why not answer the question below


yòo gàp krai

อยู่/ yòo/ to be situated at
กับ/  gàp/ with
ใคร/ krai / who

Who do you live with?

If you don’t know how to give the answer in Thai please visit this website, type out your answer in English and get the word in Thai.

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