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Womenlearnthai :  Expat making her way through the Thai language and culture.

Thai recordings : Audio clips and the corresponding transcripts for intermediate learners of Thai.

Self study Thai: Read Thai news with English translation

Thai language online : Your guide to learning Thai language online or offline.

Learn to speak Thai Language : where people know it best...In Thailand

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Tell Thai heart : First generation American teaching English in Chiang Mai.

Retire 2 Thailand: Your guide to retiring to Thailand

I want to speak Thai : I want to speak Thai and other languages too!

Top 5 online colleges : The most popular online schools and degrees currently available

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Chicky Net | Expat Women Thailand : The social network for women living in Thailand. Join for free and make the best out of your time in South East Asia.


Top Thai Translation Service By Kingtranslations

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Thailand index of Hasekamp Net: A selection of Thailand news, useful to tourists and other visitors - Thai information, Thai language and Photo Gallery The website about Thailand. General information, Thai language (with a lot of useful phrases), Thai history, Photo gallery, and Wallpapers.