Episode21 : How to buy a bus ticket in Thai

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ByLife, the Universe and Lani

Things you knew how to do, things you took for granted back in your passport country can sometimes be a very stressful experience when in a foreign country.

In our first video series, Thai Girl Talk, heads to Arcade Bus Station in Chiang Mai Thailand. Here we see Lani in a bit of a predicament as she tries to buy a bus ticket to historic Sukhothai.

Thankfully she runs into Mia, who comes walking to the rescue!

Lani in Sukhothai

Lani in Sukhothai


In general bus travel in Thailand is the cheapest long distance option.

But here are the different classes:




  •  24-32 seats
  •   Bigger seats, more legroom
  •   Large movie screen
  •   A/C
  •   Toilet
  •   Snack or meal served
  •   Water or milk or juice
  •   Coffee/tea



First class bus

รถปรับอากาศชั้น 1

  • 40-50 seats
  • roomy but smaller seats
  • TV screen
  • A/C
  • no toilet
  • snack
  • water or milk or juice



Second class bus

รถปรับอากาศชั้น 2


  • 50-55 seats
  • questionable seats
  • TV or music
  • A/C
  • no toilet


I’ve written about my overnight visa run to Vientiane, complete with bus experience at Tell-Thai Heart here.

The nice thing about the trips I’ve done to Laos is I’ve made new friends. Don’t be shy about joining forces, especially when hailing a Songtaew or tuk tuk between places and destinations. It can save you some money.

And if you are lucky, you won’t only make new friends but your bus won’t break down either.

Just remember bus drivers play music for entertainment and to stay away during long drives so bring ear plugs or music if you want to drown out the noise. A jacket is also advisable as some A/C buses can get chilly. Bring your own water and snacks too! If you don’t like custard filled buns or soy milk, you might go hungry!

Share your travel/bus tips and read about my Sukhothai holiday here. Don’t worry I’ve included pictures too! Safe travels.





12 thoughts on “Episode21 : How to buy a bus ticket in Thai

  1. Absolutely first-class!! Very useful information and a language lesson as well! Lani, you looked so worried at the beginning and puzzled as Mia was speaking to the guy at the ticket office. Great podcast thanks.

    • And so modest about those skills as well, Lani. 555 I must admit, when I originally suggested the topic, I had pictured the podcast being you sitting in a studio talking about it.

      The filming in the field and the very professional production have added a whole new dimension.

  2. Wow, just watched the video and it was so good! Really useful to hear the “real-world” conversation and then have it broke down. I hope you guys keep doing videos like these.

    • Liam, thank for the comment!! we will keep producing the VDOs like this and we’ll published it on regular basic.(my half year resolution) ps. if you have any idea suggestion please let me know.

  3. May I ask a question? What do you call the numbered terminals for the buses that you show at 7:53 minutes in the video?


  4. Thanks Mia! I have no problems at Arcade Bus Station but I often get lost at the large bus stations in Bangkok. Nice to know what the platforms are called.

    • Thanks Matthew,
      Please feel free to enjoy all the VDO lessons on Youtube or on my website.
      If you have any question or suggestion please don’t be hesitate to let me know.

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