Episode 38 : Thai question words part 5

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This is part 5 of a 5 part series on question words in Thai language. This episode we are talking about  หรือเปล่า/rĕu bplào means or not

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Thai question words part 5

This is the forth lesson of the new series on “ Thai question words” , in Thai language the question words are at the end of question. Unlike in English where the question words are at the beginner

English : where are you from?

Thai : you (are) from where?

English : what is your name?

Thai: your name( is) what?

So, to create a question in Thai it’s very easy ,simply add a question word at the end of the statement

You like to eat + what?

She comes to Thailandwhen?

 Let’s start with the second question words of this series !!!


หรือเปล่า/rĕu bplào /or not

หรือเปล่า/ rĕu bplào at the end of the statement mean “or not?” but the meaning isn’t as strong as in English, demand “yes” or “no” answer.

Answers to หรือเปล่า/ rĕu bplào question are

1. If the answer is “yes” , you can use the verb of the question as an answer.

2.if the answer is “no” you have 2 options

-ไม่/mâi +verb of the question


เปล่า/ bplào

There are 3 different varieties of หรือเปล่า/ rĕu bplào depend on the formality of the question

1.หรือเปล่า/ rĕu bplào is commonly used in written or formal conversation.

2.รึเปล่า/ réu bplào is less formal and use in everyday conversation.

3. ป่ะ/ bpà is either slang or use in casual conversation.

Sentence example

Thai lesson



hĭw rĕu bplào
Hungry (or not)?

Answer :yes หิว/hĭw/ (I’m) hungry.

Answer :no ไม่หิว/mâi hĭw/ (I’m) hungry


Thai lesson



rón réu bplào
Hot (or not)?

Answer :yes ร้อน/ rón /hot

Answer :no ไม่ร้อน/ mâi rón /not hot


Thai lesson



kun rák pŏm réu bplào
(Do) you love me (or not)?

Answer :yes รัก/ rák /(yes) love

Answer :no ไม่รัก/ mâi rák /(yes) love


Thai lesson



ao bpà

do) you want?

Answer :yes เอา/ao / (yes, I) want

Answer :no ไม่เอา/ mâi  ao/no ( I don’t ) want


Now, it’s your turn to answer the question


kâo jai réu bplào

Please leave the answer in a comment area below


11 thoughts on “Episode 38 : Thai question words part 5

    • There are 2 options to answer “kâo jai réu bplào”
      1.Yes : kâo jai or kráp or kà
      2.No : mâi kâo jai

      “châi, mâi kâo jai” mostly used to respond ” mâi kâo jai châi rěu bplào”

  1. Then can you please tell me… what is the difference between หรือเปล่า and ใช่ไหม
    because obviously you can say
    seems to mean “you are hungry, or not?”
    also means “you are hungry, aren’t you?


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