Episode 24 : How to get a massage in Thailand

Thai massage
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Are you one of many tourists who are returning from Thailand with lasting impressions of a Thai massage? Or you are living in Thailand and get a massage regularly like I do? Well, on this episode I will show you “how to get a massage like a Thai ”

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นวดไทย /Thai massage

นวดไทย /Thai massage

-What happens during  Thai massage?  


You lie on a mat on the floor, fully clothed except for shoes and socks. The practitioner uses thumbs, palms, forearms, elbows, feet , knees and even shins to press and stretch your body.

คุณจะนอนลงบนเบาะบนพื้น สวมเสื้อผ้าแต่ไม่สวมรองเท้าและถุงเท้า ผู้นวดจะใช้นิ้วหัวแม่มือ ฝ่ามือ แขนส่วนบน ข้อศอก เท้า เข่า และแม้กระทั่งคางกดและยืดร่างการของคุณ

นอนหงาย/non-ngăai/  lie on the back

Even advanced yoga cannot compete with the stretching capabilities of Thai massage when applied by an expert.


If you experience some pain you could say  “เบาๆ/bao bao/softly” or  “เจ็บ/  jèp/ hurt”

ถ้าคุณรู้สึกเจ็บคุณสามารถบอกว่า เบาๆ หรือเจ็บ ได้

-How is Thai Massage Performed?


The typical Thai massage will last for roughly two hours. At least for me, if I get a massage  less than 2 hours is like having a meal but with half full stomach.

การนวดไทยทั่วๆไปจะใช้เวลาประมาณสองชั่วโมง อย่างน้อยสำหรับฉันถ้านวดน้อยกว่าสองชั่วโมงจะรู้สึกเหมือนกับว่าทานอาหารได้แค่ครึ่งท้อง

You’ll need to  change into loose, comfortable clothing.


เปลี่ยนชุด/ bplìan chút/ change(cloth)

You will be placed into a selection of yoga-inspired position and deep pressures will be applied to the body as the major part of the massage process.

คุณจะถูกจัดเพื่อให้อยู่ในท่าที่คล้ายๆกับโยคะและจะมีการใช้น้ำหนักกดบนร่างกาย ซึ่งเป็นหลักสำคัญของการนวด

-What are the benefits of Thai Massage?


Thai Massage is known to have many health benefits including the readjustment of skeletal structure, increased mobility and flexibility, relieve of muscle and joint pain and balance the natural energy system of the body. Take me as an example, my nature of work is sitting all the day (seems easy) but my doctor told me I do need to stretch regularly and Thai massage helps me do just that!! I like to call it “passive yoga”

การนวดไทยเป็นที่รู้จักกันว่ามีผลดีต่อสุขภาพ ช่วยจัดโครงสร้างของร่างกาย เพิ่มการเคลื่อนไหวและความยืดหยุ่น ลดความเจ็บปวดของกล้ามเนื้อและข้อต่อ และปรับสมดุลพลังงานตามธรรมชาติของร่างกาย ดูอย่างฉันเป็นตัวอย่างนะคะ ปกติธรรมชาติการทำงานของฉันคือนั่งทำงานทั้งวัน (อาจดูเหมือนง่าย) แค่หมอบอกว่าฉันจะต้องยืดตัวเป็นประจำและการนวดไทยก็ช่วยได้ดีทีเดียว ฉันเรียกมันว่า โยคะแบบไม่ใช้แรงค่ะ


What is your best and worst massage experience?




9 thoughts on “Episode 24 : How to get a massage in Thailand

    • kob kun maak ka Cyn, I’m glad you find the VDO useful and hope you can use the conversation for your next trip to a massage shop.

  1. Another first class video. Please could you explain a little more about the massages? Is นวดไทย nuad thai or Thai massage the same as นวดโบราณ nuad boran traditional or ancient massage. A couple of years back, when I was in Thailand, I used to have the traditional massage regularly. It was amazing, I was twisted, stretched, had tendons in my arm twanged. It was not the sort of massage you could fall asleep in, like Lani did 555 What was interesting was that the person doing the massage asked about previous muscle injuries I had suffered to my arm and leg, but she discovered them before I had even told her that they had happened.

    • นวดไทย/ nuad thai/Thai massage and นวดโบราณ/nuad boran/ancient massage are not different. Usually,นวดแผนโบราณ/ nuad pan boran is a common term.
      Now a day, traditional or ancient Thai massage shall not be confused with นวดแผนปัจจุบัน/nuad pan pbat ju ban because นวดแผนปัจจุบัน/nuad pan pbat ju ban usually known as massage parlors which officially called อาบ อบ นวด/aab,ob,nuad/ Bath, steam and massage.

      • Thanks Mia. I thought the two terms were the same but was not sure. I think it will help now I know the term พอดีๆ 555 My old tendons don’t stretch as easily as they used to.

  2. The worst massage was at Wat Po in Bangkok, of all places ;) Now I like a strong massage, but the guy there did it so hard that it still hurt 3 days later.

    The best was from a Thai girl here in Holland, who coincidentally had learned it at Wat Po as well. Normally the positive effects of a massage don’t last very long with me, but after this one I felt like I was floating on air for 3 days!

    Mia, I’ve always struggled a bit with how to ask for a massage in Thai.
    So both:
    Can I get a massage? / Can you give me a massage?
    Would you like a massage? / Do you want me to give you a massage?

    What would be the normal way to say this in Thai?

    Thank you!! :)

    • Eric,
      The massage outside Thailand for me, most of the time were like a Swedish or oil massage BUT the cost were hefty. I’m glad you are able to have a great massage without being in Thailand.

      Thanks for the questions…they all great and right at the “not so easy to explain” structure LOL

      -Can I get a massage?
      We usually say “I’m here for a massage/maa nuad krap or ka/มานวด

      -Can you give me a massage?
      In Thai, we use this type of question when you ask someone who are close to you and not offer massage for money like girlfriend, sister etc.
      In Thai we say ” can you give a massage for me/nuad hai noi dia mai/นวดให้หน่อยได้ไหม”

      -Would you like a massage? / Do you want me to give you a massage?
      yaak hai nuad hai mai?/อยากให้นวดให้ไหม
      nuad hai ao mai?/นวดให้เอาไหม

      If you need me to explain the structure in detail please let me know.

  3. Yes, a massage can be pretty expensive here (about 1200-2000 Baht/hour for a traditional Thai massage!) and you still have to be lucky to get someone who knows how to give a good massage. Now for 200 Baht I don’t mind taking a chance, but 2000 is a bit too much, so I don’t do it very often here :)
    Thanks for your answers, they are very helpful!
    I think I understand the structure. If I add some pronouns and translate it a bit literally, I get something like this:
    (คุณ)นวดให้(ผม)หน่อยได้ไหม – can you massage for me please?
    (คุณ)อยากให้(ผม)นวดให้(คุณ)ไหม – you want to let me massage for you?
    (ผม)นวดให้(คุณ)เอาไหม – I massage for you, do you want?

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