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Mia is a true Northern Thai girl. Her grandmother is a Shan from Burma, and her grandfather is from Mae Hong Sorn Thailand.  She’s very proud of her Shan and Thai heritage, but after spending 25 years in the mountains of Northern Thailand, Mia decided to fly to the  other side of the world.

Six years later, she realized that 25 years of learning English in Thai schools was nothing compared to the 6 years of practicing English 24/7 in the United States. Now, she dreams in English and even swears in English! For example, she swore at a Thai guy who ran the red light and almost scratched her car. She believes she can swear in English and not feel as bad as in Thai….Hmmmm.

Now Mia is a certified computer geek having shifted her teaching career from offline to totally online for over 6 years. She enjoys working in PJs or pajamas, and the only best way to reach her is through email and Skype.

Travel has become Mia’s love affair and passion, and for the past 6 years she has visited Canada, France, Italy, Mexico, Germany, Ireland, Hong Kong,  Burma, Cambodia, Laos, and over 10 states in America, and counting.Having been exposed to Western culture, Mia finds it fascinating to stand on the bridge between the two cultures. Her understanding of Western culture, and her ability to compare it to Thai culture has drawn over 100 students from around the globe to learn Thai with Mia.
“Teaching is my passion,sharing my Thai culture and tradition is my love.”

Lani was born in Hawaii, a week after her Thai mother boarded the plane 9 months pregnant from Thailand. So she’s a first generation American, thanks to mom’s loose fitting dress, altered medical documents and most likely an accepted bribe.

Now plagued with motion sickness, Lani spent her 20s looking for a place called home, from Chico California to Portland Oregon to Durango Colorado and Huntsville Alabama. Finally though, in 2009, she decided to give Thailand a go-go-go.

But she left after 9 months when she couldn’t find proper teaching work, for about 6 months to Cuenca Ecuador! Then she returned because she missed Thailand! OMG!

Thus with the help of Canadians (who knew, right?), Lani found that teaching job she’d been looking for, friends and a home. She blogs about her adventures at Life, the Universe, and Lani (formally Tell-Thai Heart), and she talks about Thailand at Thai Girl Talk.

“Everyone is a teacher.”


8 thoughts on “Who is Thai Girl Talk ??

  1. Hi Mia,

    You had asked about ideas we may have for podcasts. I’m particularly interested in animals and the relationship that Thai people have with their pets. Maybe this topic will not appeal to a large number of people…but I thought I’d throw-out the idea to you and Lani!


  2. Mia – I’ve enjoyed watching some of your Thai language videos recently – I want to say thank you, congratulate you, and hope you do more – though I’m from Toronto I’ve been to Thailand many times (starting 1977) – I taught English (ESL) at Mae Fah Luang University in Chiang Rai 2003 – 2006 – I’m retired now (age 66) – if you have the time, what was your visit to Canada like? – I’m hoping to spend December to February this year in Jomtien (beautiful beach, interesting people) – anyway, my thanks again for your excellent videos – I truly wish you all the best – Bob

  3. Mark Baranowski says:

    • Learn about cross contamination, cold and hot food safety, best practices for personal hygiene, and foodborne illnesses.

  4. It is the hookers and hustlers who don’t want you to learn thai because then you will know what they’re saying about you and you will learn from other thais about the kind of people and situations to avoid.

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