Episode25: How to buy shoes in Thailand

shoes in Thai
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Learn how to buy shoes, asking for different sizes and colors and how to bargain in Thai. Plus, tips to get a better discount like a Thai.


เล็ก/ lék/ small

เกินไป/ gern bpai/ too much

Too small

Pattern : Adjective+  เกินไป/ gern bpai



มี/ mii / has, have, there is , there are

ใหญ่/ yài/ large, big

กว่า/ gwàa/ more, more than

นี้/ níi/ this

มั้ย/ mái/ question word

(Do you) have larger than this?

Pattern :  Adjective+  กว่า/ gwàa


Example : รถสีแดงใหญ่กว่ารถสีม่วง

rót sĭi daeng yài gwàa rót sĭi mûang
Red car is bigger purple car.


อันนี้/ an níi/ this one

เบอร์/ ber/ number,size

อะไร/ à-rai/ what

what’s the size of this one?


เท่าไหร่ / tâo rài/ how much

399 ค่ะ

săam rói gâo sìb gâo


ลด/ lód/ discount

ได้/ dâi/ can

มั้ย/ mái/ question word

(can you give) a discount ?


เดี๋ยว/ dĭeow/ in just a moment

กลับ/ glàb/ to return

มา/ maa/ to come

ดู/ doo/ look

ใหม่/ mài/ new,again

นะ// (emphasize the statement )

I will come back later.

Note :  If you want more of a discount, but it doesn’t seem like  you are going to get one, try walking away. This may encourage the seller to lower the price.


มี/ mii / has, have, there is , there are

สี/ sĭi/ color

อื่น/ èun/ another,other

มั้ย/ mái/ question word

Are there any other colors?

If you need to learn different colors in Thai please check out episode 13


อันนี้/ an níi/ this one

มี/ mii / has, have, there is , there are

สีเทา/ sĭi tao / color grey

กับ/ gàb/ with

สีนี้ /sĭi níi/ this color

These are grey together with this color

มีแต่ไซส์ใหญ่ 39  40

มีแต่/ mii dtàe/ only have

ไซส์/ size

ใหญ่/ yài/ large,big

săam sìb gâo-sìi sìb/ 39- 40

Only have big size, 39-40


ลด/ lód/ discount

สุด สุด/ sùt sùt/ the most, the ultimate

ได้/ daî/ can be able to

เท่าไหร่/ tâo rài/ how much

What is your best price?


เอา/ aw/ to take

คู่นี้/ kûu níi/ this pair (of shoes)

(I will) take this pair (of shoes)


 Hope you get the best bargain in Thailand

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