Episode 27: How to get a health check-up in Thai

Health check-up in Thailand
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Thailand is one of the most famous destinations for medical tourism. Learn how to get your health check-up in Thai. Plus, learn the other use of มา/maa in the past tense.



มา/maa/to come

ตรวจ/dtrùat/[to] check ; censor ; inspect

สุขภาพ/sùk-kà-pâap/health ; wellbeing ; good condition

(I’m here ) for health check-up


fast in Thaiงดน้ำงดอาหารมารึยัง

งด/ngót/[to] stop ; halt ; discontinue





ยัง/yang/not yet

Have you been fasting?


Thai ID cardบัตรประชาชน

bàt prà-cha-chon

บัตร/bàt /card


Thai ID card


**How to use มา/maa to show the time coming from the past

Pattern : Verb/verb phase +มา/maa


1. ไปตลาดมา/ pbai dta-lad maa/ went to the market

2. ทำอะไรมา/taam à-rai maa/ what did (you) do ?

Form this episode, she ask me :


ngót náam ngót  a-hăan maa réu yang

Have (you) been fast or not?

Have you been fasting?


Have you ever got a health check up in Thailand? please share

6 thoughts on “Episode 27: How to get a health check-up in Thai

  1. Hello Mia, I think that บัตรประชาชน is bàt prà-cha-chon (not bàt prà-cha-chan).
    Thank for your video. All the best for you. And have good Buddhist days on next monday and tuesday.

    • Bernard, สายตาคุณดีมากๆค่ะYou eyes vision is excellent :-)
      Thank you for reminding me about the Buddhist days next week, maybe I will film an interesting VDO then.

  2. Getting a checkup in a foreign country can be difficult. You can always ask for someone that can understand you but carrying a copy of your health information can be a lot easier.

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