Episode 32 : Verb to be in Thai langauge part 3

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This is part 3 of a 4 part series on Verb to be in Thai language. This episode we are talking about มี /mee means there is , there are.

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Verb to be number 3 : มี/ mee

มี /mee has 2 meanings

1. to have, to has


Thai lessonผมมีเงิน

pŏm mee ngern
I have money.

 2. there is, there are


free Thai lessonเมื่อคืนมีใครไม่รู้โทรมา

mêua keun mee krai mâi róo toh maa
Last night, there was someone (who) called (me).


เมื่อคืน / mêua keun/ last night
มี /mee /there is , there was
ใคร / krai / who
ไม่รู้ / mâi róo/  not know
โทรมา /  toh maa/ phoned


dtàe tam-mai ter mâi toh hăa rao
But why didn’t you call me.

แต่/ dtàe/ but
ทำไม/ tam mai/ why
เธอ/ ter / you (in formal)
ไม่/ mâi/ not, not
โทรหา/ toh hǎa / call to
เรา/ rao/ I (in formal)

 อ่านหนังสือ ไม่มีเวลา

àan năng-sĕu mâi mee way-laa
I was reading, there was no time.

free Thai lessonอ่านหนังสือ

àan năng-sĕu

read a book


อ่าน/ àan/ to read
หนังสือ/ năng-sĕu/ book

free Thai lessonไม่มีเวลา

ไม่มี/ mâi mee/ there is no
เวลา/ way-laa/ time


free Thai lessonไม่มีใครรักเราเลย

mâi mee krai rák rao loie

There is nobody (who) loves me.


ไม่มีใคร / mâi mee krai / there is nobody
รัก / rák/ love
เรา/ rao/ I (in formal)
เลย/ leoi/ totally


free Thai lessonไม่มีใครเข้าใจผมเลย

There is nobody (who) really understands me.
mâi mee krai kâo jai pŏm loie


ไม่มีใคร / mâi mee krai / there is nobody
เข้าใจ/ kâo jai/ understand
ผม/ pǒm / I (male speaker)
เลย/ leoi/ totally





2 thoughts on “Episode 32 : Verb to be in Thai langauge part 3

  1. You translate ม่มีใครรักเราเลย as “There is nobody (who) loves me.” This is good English, of course, but I wonder whether a more natural English translation would be, “Nobody loves me.” ….. Similarly, maybe ไม่มีใครเข้าใจผมเลย is more naturally, “Nobody understands me.” WHAT DO YOU THINK? Thank you very much for these web pages of Thai language. They are very helpful.

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