Episode 38 : Thai question words part 5

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This is part 5 of a 5 part series on question words in Thai language. This episode we are talking about  หรือเปล่า/rĕu bplào means or not

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Thai question words part 5

This is the forth lesson of the new series on “ Thai question words” , in Thai language the question words are at the end of question. Unlike in English where the question words are at the beginner

English : where are you from?

Thai : you (are) from where?

English : what is your name?

Thai: your name( is) what?

So, to create a question in Thai it’s very easy ,simply add a question word at the end of the statement

You like to eat + what?

She comes to Thailandwhen?

 Let’s start with the second question words of this series !!!


หรือเปล่า/rĕu bplào /or not

หรือเปล่า/ rĕu bplào at the end of the statement mean “or not?” but the meaning isn’t as strong as in English, demand “yes” or “no” answer.

Answers to หรือเปล่า/ rĕu bplào question are

1. If the answer is “yes” , you can use the verb of the question as an answer.

2.if the answer is “no” you have 2 options

-ไม่/mâi +verb of the question


เปล่า/ bplào

There are 3 different varieties of หรือเปล่า/ rĕu bplào depend on the formality of the question

1.หรือเปล่า/ rĕu bplào is commonly used in written or formal conversation.

2.รึเปล่า/ réu bplào is less formal and use in everyday conversation.

3. ป่ะ/ bpà is either slang or use in casual conversation.

Sentence example

Thai lesson



hĭw rĕu bplào
Hungry (or not)?

Answer :yes หิว/hĭw/ (I’m) hungry.

Answer :no ไม่หิว/mâi hĭw/ (I’m) hungry


Thai lesson



rón réu bplào
Hot (or not)?

Answer :yes ร้อน/ rón /hot

Answer :no ไม่ร้อน/ mâi rón /not hot


Thai lesson



kun rák pŏm réu bplào
(Do) you love me (or not)?

Answer :yes รัก/ rák /(yes) love

Answer :no ไม่รัก/ mâi rák /(yes) love


Thai lesson



ao bpà

do) you want?

Answer :yes เอา/ao / (yes, I) want

Answer :no ไม่เอา/ mâi  ao/no ( I don’t ) want


Now, it’s your turn to answer the question


kâo jai réu bplào

Please leave the answer in a comment area below


10 thoughts on “Episode 38 : Thai question words part 5

    • There are 2 options to answer “kâo jai réu bplào”
      1.Yes : kâo jai or kráp or kà
      2.No : mâi kâo jai

      “châi, mâi kâo jai” mostly used to respond ” mâi kâo jai châi rěu bplào”

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