Episode 35 : Thai question words part 2

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This is part 2 of a 5 part series on question words in Thai language. This episode we are talking about  ไหม/măi which is a particle used to turn a statement into a question, similar to a question mark.



Thai question words part 2

Thai question word part 1 

This is the second lesson of the new series on “ Thai question words” , in Thai language the question words are at the end of question. Unlike in English where the question words are at the beginner

English : where are you from?

Thai : you (are) from where?

English : what is your name?

Thai: your name( is) what?

So, to create a question in Thai it’s very easy ,simply add a question word at the end of the statement

You like to eat + what?

She comes to Thailandwhen?

 Let’s start with the second question words of this series !!!


 ไหม/măi  is an information seeking question used to turn a statement into a question, similar to a question mark.

Statement : คุณมีเพื่อน

kun mee pêuan

You have a friend.

Question : คุณมีเพื่อนไหม

kun mee pêuan măi

Do you have a friend?

There are 2 different ways to say ไหม/măi, it’s depend on the degree of formality.

1.ไหม/măi  is used in written Thai and in a very formal situation.

2.มั้ย/máai   is used in spoken Thai and casual situation but commonly used. I recommend you to use in spoken Thai.

How to answer ไหม/măi or มั้ย/máai question

YES answer : you have 2 choices

1. Use the verb of the question as an answer.

2. Use polite particle

-ครับ/kráp( for male speakers)

-ค่ะ/kâ (for female speakers)

NO answer : ไม่/ mâi +verb of the question

 Sentence example

Learn Thai


kun mee pêuan măi?

Do you have a friend?

-มี /mee/ yes, (I have)


-ครับ/kráp( for male speakers)

-ค่ะ/kâ (for female speakers)

-ไม่มี/ mâi mee/ no


learn Thai


kun chôp aa-hăan tai máai?

Do you like Thai food?

ชอบครับ/ chôp kráp /yes, (I) like

  •  ไปกินข้าวมั้ย

bpai gin kâao máai ?

(Do you) want to go eat?

ไปครับ/ bpai kráp/yes (go)

  • กินมั้ย

gin máai?

(do you want to) eat ?

ไม่กิน /mâi gin/ no

กิน/ gin/yes.

  •  อร่อยมั้ย

a-ròi máai

(Is it) delicious ?

อร่อย/ a-ròi /yes

learn Thai



kâo jai  máai

Do (you) understand?

ไม่เข้าใจ/ mâi kâo jai

(I) don’t understand.

Now, it’s your turn to answer the question


chôb gin pèd mái?

Please leave the answer in a comment area below

21 thoughts on “Episode 35 : Thai question words part 2

    • This sentence is correct and it’s best when you are trying to convince someone that you like very very spicy food.
      However, if you want to address that you like it very very spicy, ชอบกินเผ็ดมากๆครับ or ชอบกินเผ็ดสุดๆครับ (slang) would be enough.

    • Thanks Bernard, your answer is nearly 99% correct, I would change it to ผมไม่ได้ชอบกินเผ็ด จนได้ลองชิมอาหารไทย(แล้ว)
      ได้/dâi is included to emphasize that an action or state that began in the past is still going on.
      แล้ว/laéw could be dropped.

  1. Thank you so much for your answer. Putting the words in the translator, could get the meaning , sounds good. Let´s see what the main authority says. Thanks again, greetings from Uruguay!

  2. Mai chop gin aahan pet. Phom chop pet nit noy.

    Thanks greatly for the videos!!!!!!!! It’s been a fun evening listening to those that introduced me to your site. All excellent – Phom rian phasaa-thai tuk tuk wan. Gaam lang rian thai kheang.

      • Khawp khun khrap Mia.
        What makes learning Thai especially difficult is working with a language where words can be spelled phonetically in many ways. E.g. Mia phuut – kun chop!

        We beginning Thai students see the work YOU written phonetically as Khun, Khoon, and Koon depending on the learning aid. LIKE comes up as Chop, Chawp, Chohb, there are for sure others too and to think these are just “baby” words.

        It is the reason why I’m working on trying to learn to read and write Thai. At least in writting and reading there is no confusion if the word is spelled correctly in Thai. However, there is no shortage of difficulty in the written language. Hence, no fooling myself that this is a long process. Fortunately I travel to Thailand each year and have a number of very good Thai friends.

        • Hi Vince,
          You are absolutely right! I strongly recommend Thai language learners to learn to read Thai from the get go.
          This will avoid all the confusion with phonetic and transliterate Thai.
          You are on the right track.

  3. I’m glad to find this new style of learning Thai included with my ThaiPod101 daily lessons. (Di jai ti jer gan rian mai ni sueng ma doi gup ThaiPod gan rian tuk wun.

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