Thai Girl Talk Podcast List

Episode21 : How to buy a bus ticket in Thai

Thai bus

Episode 21: Welcome to our first video series called How to Thai, In this episode we teach you how to buy a bus ticket in Thailand by going to the bus station ourselves! Watch Mia help Lani as she tries to buy a bus ticket to Sukhothai.

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Episode 20: How to Get the Haircut You Want


Episode 20: In our last audio podcast, we are talking about how to get the haircut you want in Thailand. Listen and learn what to say when sitting in the barber or beauty shop’s chair! And stay tuned for our future video podcasts!

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Episode 19: Happy Thai New Year! Happy Songkran!


Episode 19: This week we are talking about Songkran, the Thai New Year! Gain a local’s perspective on this important holiday, and learn why Songkran is a Buddhist celebration, and not just a crazy water party festival.

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Episode18: What is ‘tam boon’ ทำบุญ? And why do Thais do it?

make merit

Episode 18: What is good and bad karma? Why is karma so important in Buddhism? What do Thais think? What do Thais pray for? In this episode we talk about ‘tam boon’ or ‘making merit’ and the significance it holds in Thai culture. Listen, download or play.

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Episode 17 : Thai words with heart part 2

Thai heart

Episode 17: This week we’re back with more ใจ/jai words! Listen, download or play. At the end of the podcast, carefully listen for a cheeky expression Thai women use with only each other.

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Episode16: Thai words with heart part 1

Thai word heart

Episode 16: In this week’s podcast Mia shares several ใจ/jai/heart  words, or heart expressions and idioms in Thai. Listen to the mistake Mia makes because it’s hilarious!

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Episode 15: Happy Valentine’s Day like a Thai


Episode 15: Happy Chinese New Year, and Valentine’s Day from Thai Girl Talk! Listen in to Mia and Lani discuss some vocabulary for Valentine’s Day, and learn which one is single and which one is married.

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Episode 14:Who pays the bill in Thai dining?

Thai restaurant

In episode 14 :We talk about who pays the bill in Thai culture! Join us for this round table discussion on ordering food and getting the attention you want at a restaurant.

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Episode13: Colors and Days of the Week in Thai

color and day

Episode 13: Every second Saturday in the month of January, Thailand celebrates Children’s Day.  Also learn about the days of the week and the significance of each day for Thais.

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Episode 12: How to tell time in Thai

Episode 12: Tell Thai time, telling time in pasa Thai. Listen to Mia explain how to tell time in the Thai language. We also have a listener challenge! Explain to Mia what is the Age of Aquarius!

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