Thai Language. Straight To The Point

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I’m a proud teacher

One of my former students, Emil Vøhlert has written an e-book called

“Thai Language. Straight To The Point”

Where he has shared tips and tricks on how to learn Thai language.

4 years of learning Thai language, including 93 lessons learning Thai with me in 2010. The e-book has boiled down to less than 40 pages.

I haven’t got a chance to review the e-book yet, but I will for sure ASAP.

Download the book here

Please feel free to give any comments and suggestions


Getting to know the author of the e-book Emil Vøhlert

Part 1 (July 2011)


Part 2 (September 2011)


Interviewed part 1(July 2011)


Interviewed part 2 (July 2011)


Interviewed part 3 (July 2011)


Emil sings Thai national anthem (blindfolded, December 2011)

Emil sings Thai mother’s day song (August 2012)


Emil lives in Hua Hin, Thailand (May 2012)

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