Thai Language. Straight To The Point

I’m a proud teacher One of my former students, Emil Vøhlert has written an e-book called “Thai Language. Straight To The Point” Where he has shared tips and tricks on how to learn Thai language. 4 years of learning Thai language, including 93 lessons learning Thai with me in 2010. The e-book has boiled down ... Continue »

Thai People Can say R and L, really.

Thai sign

Unlike the Japanese, who have no strong R and L, we Thais can say those sounds just fine. We have a perfectly good R/ร, and use it all the time – the Thai word for love รัก/rák starts with it and many others.  We have a lovely L/ล, too. We couldn’t say monkey ลิง/ling or ... Continue »

Learn Thai song ” I love Thailand”

  เพลงผมรักเมืองไทย /playng pǒm rák muang Thai I love Thailand song I came across this song and in love with it. The song is about foreigners who love Thailand. I translated it for you all to understand the song and perhaps either sing along or learn Thai with it. If there any vocabulary you don’t ... Continue »

National Thai language day

National Thai language day

July 29th was picked as National Thai Language Day to celebrate His Majesty the King’s visit to Chulalongkorn University to join experts on the Thai language in a conference on problems with using Thai words. On 29 July 1962 at the Faculty of Arts, During the discussion, His Majesty urged everybody, to be aware of ... Continue »

Interviewed Advanced Thai Language Learner

Download the interview script here Check the book Yan has been reading, called Maanii books and start learning Thai now!!! แนะนำตัวหน่อยมั้ยค่ะ Would you like to introduce yourself? ครับ ผมชื่อยอนนะครับ อยู่เมืองไทยประมาณสองปีกับสามเดือนละครับ Yes, my name is Yan. I’ve been living in Thailand nearly 3 years. แล้วมาทำอะไรที่เมืองไทยค่ะ What are you doing in Thailand? ตอนนี้ผมก็ทำธุรกิจนะครับ ขายขนมประจำชาติของฮอลแลนด์น่ะครับ I’m doing business, selling ... Continue »

How to say “the same” in Thai


I’m sure you’ve heard Thai people say “same same ” or a popular Germany film called “Same same but different “. When it’s come to Thai grammar and Thai way of like thing are quite not the same. Like, in Thai greeting “wâi” some might think “I know how to wai , you put your ... Continue »

Thai Teacher’s Day


On January 16th of each year is the Thai National Teacher’s day.    This is not new..we all know what it is, right?   Well yeah, It’s a special day to appreciate teachers, to honor them for their hard work and contributions to society.   Today I have a strange feeling, why?   First, I ... Continue »

Thai Ghosts and Spirits

welcome to the new series of learn2speakthai Thai Ghosts and Spirits ผีไทยและวิญญาณ pǐi means ghost win yaan means spirit Thai attitude to spirits is quite similar to Thai attitude to human being.Some to be trusted and respected and some can’t be trusted and must be feared. Growing up with with a big brother who often ... Continue »

Chiang Mai news interview


 Interview by Chiang Mai news on October 9th, 2012  

The return of Thai children books


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