Thai Ghosts and Spirits

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welcome to the new series of learn2speakthai

Thai Ghosts and Spirits
pǐi means ghost
win yaan means spirit
Thai attitude to spirits is quite similar to Thai attitude to human being.Some to be trusted and respected and some can’t be trusted and must be feared.
Growing up with with a big brother who often tease me with a haunted bedtime stories and alot to see about ghost on the TV, I admit my fear of ผี pǐi to all of you.
It is one of many tricks adult use to control children.
On a scale of 0-10, 0 being no fear of ghost,
From the age of 2-10 I was at scale 7
Right now, I’m moving down to 5
That being said, let me introduce to my childhood fear.
mâe naâk / the ghost name
phrá ká nhǒng/ a district in Bangkok
Impress your Thai friends with her name if you pronounce its correctly 100% of Thai would be stunned.
The story has been told and retold for several decades.mâe naâk and her unborn child died during delivery while her husband mâak was away for military service.
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