Successful Thai language students

Mia & Emil
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Emil Vohlert, Denmark

One of my successful Thai language students after 93 lessons with me. It has been 3 months since he relocated to Hua Hin,Thailand where he is attending a University. He has chosen to study in Thai rather than English.

He came to visit me in Chiang Mai during the school break and his Thai has progressed tremendously, I was amazed how much he has learnt on his own.

This is it..the best way to learn Thai is to be in Thailand. All you need is a strong foundation in Thai language then you can pretty much build anything on top.

I have become his พี่สาว pêe săao (elder) sister and he has become my น้องชาย nóng chaai (younger brother)

พี่ Mia & น้อง Emil

See Emil interview with a native Thai speaker here

One thought on “Successful Thai language students

  1. Wendell R Drew says:

    Would I be able to come and visit you in Chiang Mai November 18th through the 28th sometime during their please.
    I have been trying to learn t’ai through YouTube LOL with you would love to meet you
    My timetable is to move to Thailand by March or Apri
    I would be so honored to hear back from you thank you very much.

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