Top3 Do’s and don’ts in Thailand

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Do number 1

Do smile ยิ้ม/yím/smile

Siam, the land of smile/ สยามเมืองยิ้ม/siam muang yím

Thailand is known as the ‘Land of Smiles’, and for good reason. Be respectful when bartering or doing business and smile. It is good manners to smile frequently in thai culture and it seems that you can never overdo it.

But a Thai smile does not always mean that the person is happy. This can lead to misunderstandings between Westerners and Thais.

In Thailand, the smile isn’t only a sign of happiness. Thais smile when they are amused, bemused, apologetic, annoyed, uncertain, wrong, furious or embarrassed.

Very often though, the Thai smile is a welcoming one. There is a definite attitude in Thailand that life should be enjoyed. Being too serious is unhealthy.

‘not think too much, be cool’ อย่าคิดมาก สบายๆ / yàa kíd mâak, sà-baai sà-baai

2 thoughts on “Top3 Do’s and don’ts in Thailand

  1. Hi I wanted to know if you could please make this translation for me. Are there any sexual overtones in this phrase. There is alot of slang that I am having difficulty understanding. Thank you.

    ไม่จ๊าบเลยเจ๊เนี่ย หลุดเทรนด์ มั่วแต่เรื่องจริงผ่านจอ หมอปลา คนอวดผี ก้อเงี๊ยะ

    • ไม่จ๊าบเลยเจ๊เนี่ย หลุดเทรนด์ มั่วแต่เรื่องจริงผ่านจอ หมอปลา คนอวดผี ก้อเงี๊ยะ

      mâi jáap leoi jáy nîa

      จ๊าบ/jáap/ prominent ; outstanding ; remarkable
      เจ๊/jáy is a word of Thai-Chinese origin, Thai people use เจ๊/jáy as a second or third personal pronoun referring to an older sister.

      = sister! you are not cool

      หลุด/lùt / [to] slip out ; fall off ; become detached
      เทรนด์/ tren / An English loan word, trend

      = out of trend, out of fashion

      มั่วแต่เรื่องจริงผ่านจอ หมอปลา คนอวดผี ก้อเงี๊ยะ
      มัวแต่/mua dtàe / to be occupied with, engrossed with

      เรื่องจริงผ่านจอ is a TV show
      หมอปลา He is a ghost buster, ghost hunter
      คนอวดผี s a show abut someone who is a medium.

      =(because you just watch) จริงผ่านจอ หมอปลา คนอวดผี that is why.
      The over all translation : sister! you are not cool and so out of trend,(because you’re just) engrossed with จริงผ่านจอ หมอปลา คนอวดผี, that is why.

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