Interview with kruu Ratchanii, the author of Maanii books

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I’m so excited!  I just had one of my dreams come true.  I’ve wanted to talk to  Ratchanee Sripaiwan, the author of the Maannii มานี books, for as long as I can remember  and it finally happened.  I was enthralled to finally meet her.

12 thoughts on “Interview with kruu Ratchanii, the author of Maanii books

  1. I love the video.
    Do you know where one can buy the tee-shirts or the postcards?
    Would be nice to know alittle bit about the backgroung of the author?
    Was she a teacher? How did the Manee project start at the beginning? Did the scholars had to buy the books or were they provided by the school? What about the vcd project of the Chiang Mai University?
    Thank you for your reporter work!

    • learn2speakthai says:

      Hi Michel, I’m glad the interview has got you alot of question :)
      1.The t-shirt are sold at JJ market as know as Jatujak market in Bangkok. they are cute, aren’t they ??
      2.My next trip to Bangkok I will interview kruu Ratchanii more on her biography.
      3.the Manee books were written back in the late ’70′s by รัชนี ศรีไพรวรรณ (Ratchanee Sripaiwan) with a team from the Thai Ministry of Education.
      Read more:
      4.If I remember well back then, the booked were provided to all students for small price. I did not buy them since I have an older brother who has passed on all the school books to me.(That was how low-middle class Thai would do back then)
      5.Yes, she was a teacher :)
      5.About the Chiang Mai University project on VCDs…I’m keeping an eye on it..The Uni is down on the street from my house plus I’m CMU alumni..I will keep you updated :-)

      Your comments are keeping me working on Maanee’s project indeed…thanks again!!!

      24/07/12 ps. I guess I missed out one of your questions, the postcard….I will find out ;-)

  2. This is so great! Thank you for taking the time to make the best and most helpful online Maanee book set. Myself and surely many many others are very grateful for your efforts. Keep up the great work!

  3. It’s so sad to hear Khun Aacharn Sripaiwan has passed away a few days ago. I have recently discovered Mani Mana and the more I read, the more I understand just how great these books are for learning Thai. I have to thank the author, and hope that these books will continue to inspire others, despite the passage of time. Surely Khun Aacharn will be blessed in her next life :)

  4. Hello dears where can I buy your books in thailand
    which bookshops
    Or how I can buy them online
    I live in london interested in learning thai

    • Hi Sina,
      The books were written by Thai education department.

      The original books are very old and have become an expensive collection.

      The Thai education department is now re-print the books, you can find them at any big book store in Bangkok.

      Good luck


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  5. Hallo!
    I´ll want to start to learn to speak, read and write Thai language – when possible fluently- (I´ve a very big interest in Thai culture, traditions and people(s).
    Bevore some days I found your website with the maanee books.
    I think the books are very helpful when My vokabulary is big enough but now as fully beginner and start to learn Thai alphabet(bevore I know your site I found one from Thailand who will teach me Thai and I´ll help her to learn German).
    Thai is a nice language, not easy but I´ll manage it.
    I´m happy when my thai is quite good enough to work with your books.

    Kind regards
    Christian Mattes

  6. สวัสดีครับ. In the video, at 5:25 and 6:25, you mention that you made videos about different Thai traditions such as Loy Kratong and Likay. I searched on your website for these videos, but couldn’t find them. Could you please mention where they are?

    The Maanii books, translations and audio files you are offering are of great value. Thank you.

  7. Hi Mia, I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you for all your hard work and for the help that the Manii books have already given me after only two days. I have already came on massively in a short space of time and just want you to know that your effort is definitely appreciated.
    It was also great to see your interview with the author. The books she has written deserve to be as saught after and revered as they are.

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