Thai language book is used to teach foreigners

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Interview by ไทยนิวส์ Thai news  14th September 2012


Ms Warunporn Rongsiaw Le Moign, the owner and manager of a Thai language school for foreigners called “Learn2speakthai” situated at 1/4 Sanam Bin Kao Rd., Meuang, Chiang Mai, revealed that she, as a Thai language teacher for foreigners, wanted to republicize the book called “Manee Maana Pbi-dti Chujai.” The book offers a comprehensive knowledge about how to read and write Thai, and is embedded with Thai culture and traditions, values, perceptions, and people’s way of life, which are carefully rendered and easy to understand.

“Manee Maana Pbi-dti Chuujai” is a series of 12 Thai language books for primary school students in grades 1-6, written by Ajaan Ratchanee Sriphraiwan and her team. The book series was the result of the need of the Ministry of Education to replace the old curriculum with a new one on one condition that children should be able to feel amused and enthusiastic to learn Thai. That was how the book originated.

She also added that the Office of The Basic Education Commission, Ministry of Education has given her the co-copyright to translate the Manee Maana book into English and use it as a teaching and learning material to teach Thai to foreigners. The book has then been translated, recorded, and made available on the internet. Accordingly, there have been many foreigners who are interested in learning Thai from this book series. For those who would like to make use of this book, you can contact the school for more information.

6 thoughts on “Thai language book is used to teach foreigners

  1. Hello Ajarn,

    I watched some of your videos on youtube and was very impressed by the dutch guy who could speak Thai after two years quite fluently. I have been living in Thailand for two and a half years and reached B1.2 level. I can write and read Thai. I am very interested in the Mani Mana books. Are they suited for B1.2 level? Is it too difficult or too easy?
    How can i buy these books?
    Thanks in advance for your reply


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